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Gold Makeover

old gold pieces

Recently,  with the gold buying frenzy, many new customers have been in our store to sell gold. What they don’t realize is that they could remake their gold into a new jewelry item or trade their gold towards something new. With our custom design studio, our goldsmiths can carve a wax and recast your old gold into a stunning new custom design. Add a gemstone or diamond to make your new piece even more glitzy. Many times we have taken Aunt Matilda or Grandma’s old diamond and gold and made a new ring or pendant. Some customers will bring in pictures to make a similar ring that they have seen in a magazine or on-line. Or by looking at items in our showcases, we can come up with a look-alike piece that accommodates their size gems. Another popular option is to trade in their old gold towards a new piece of jewelry. In our store the gold is worth 30% more for trade rather than paying out cash. Trade in all those old gold chains into a new white gold ring you have always wanted.  Selling or remaking your gold, just remember to deal with someone you know and trust. Otherwise you could be just throwing away that precious commodity that could be turned into something new and exciting.

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