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Made in America

silver by Dobbs

Today, when choosing new vendors for our unique jewelry collection, we ask a simple question. Where is your product manufactured? We try to support companies that are still making things in the good ole USA. Recently, we were looking for a new silver company. I unexpectedly found many were made in China, India, Malaysia, Viet Nam, and even Bali. It wasn’t necessarily a quality issue, because many of these products were of good craftsmanship. I just believed we need to support those few onshore manufacturing companies, even if it costs sightly more. Even Sam Walton, when he was alive and still in charge, believed retailers should support selling things make in America. Maybe the buying public is at fault, because they don’t care where it’s made, just if it’s a lower price. Buying cheaper is inversely related to how long it will last. I believe buying quality once is better than buying low price multiple times. My employees and families try to support local businesses, because I believe they support the local community where we live. So, it’s a good question to ask, where is this product made? The answer may be surprising.


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